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About Us


La Coop Alentour is a consumer cooperative that was founded in 1979. Its founders were looking for ways to obtain natural products at the best possible prices. To do this, they created a cooperative, then rented a warehouse and hired staff. Over the years, they have been forced to diversify their business to qualify for volume discounts. The members then decide to set up a distribution system for the benefit of commercial customers. La Coop Alentour, wholesaler of natural foods, is the only cooperative that offers a distribution service throughout Quebec and in certain parts of Ontario and the Maritime provinces.


The philosophy of Coop Alentour is to offer superior quality natural and organic products and foods at competitive prices with personalized, reliable and courteous service, at the right time and in the right quantities. La Coop Alentour is also one of the organizations that contribute to the development of healthy eating habits in Quebec.


Distribute, transform and promote organic and natural products for its customers while respecting its employees, its suppliers and the environment, all for the greater benefit of its members.


Supervised by a multidisciplinary board of directors, the management team of Coop Alentour coordinates a team of some 70 employees dedicated to the satisfaction of its members, customers and suppliers.